Aqua Box Care

Caring for your Aqua Box


A Hand-Tied Aqua Box can be left in its box for up to 48 hours, after this time, the water will need to be changed. To do this, carefully lift the bouquet out of the box and hold over a sink and snip the bottom of the bag to release the water. Then remove the lower packaging, the upper wrapping may be left on if you wish or removed with care but do not untie your flowers. Fill a vase with tepid water and add the provided flower food, flowing the instructions on the packet. Then cut approx. 5cm off the bottom of the steams (for best results, cut the stems at an angle) and stand the bouquet in the vase.

Remember, Keep your flowers in a cool, draught free area, out of direct sunlight. The cooler the room, the longer your flowers will last. Remove any faded blooms or foliage as soon as possible and change the water twice a week.